Sharing a Touch of Magic

Motivation…motivation…where did it disappear to now? That pretty much sums up the last couple of weeks for me. There’s been so much going on outside the virtual world that I haven’t had time to get this post rolling. On the plus side I did manage to get a Maitreya body so a whole new world of fashion has opened up for me. Next up is either Catwa’s Catya head or Lelutka’s Kioko head but I have a long way to go. Anyways on to the post!

As most Secondlife residents know, you can only join 42 groups at one time (60 if you are premium) It may seem like a lot but they fill up pretty fast and I know I’ve struggled with what ones to keep and what ones to trade out. I always feel bad for leaving the ones I do as well. So I thought I’d share another way to stay current with groups and get some decent stuff as well. I’m talking about groups that have an update group or subscription kiosk. These allow you to join groups and receive notices and group gifts (if offered) all while not taking up a group slot and having no limit to how many you can join. Not every store has a subscription option but it’s something to look for if your group slots are full. I did a big search around and found some groups to get you started.


soy sub gifts

Soy is first on the list because of just how much they offer. This store is mainly a Home Decor but they have a bit of apparel and houses as well. Everything you see in the picture above (minus the skybox) were all subscription gifts! They have some very nice stuff so be sure to look around after you grab these.

Soy Mainstore:

  • Soy. Wooden Fence – 1li
  • Soy. Notice Board – 3li
  • Soy. Post Box – 2li
  • Soy. Worktable – 2li
  • Soy. Pine Branch – 3li
  • Soy. Folden Tees White and Black – 1li each
  • Soy. Scattered Papers – 1li
  • Soy. Wall Art [Sea Echo] – 2li
  • Soy. Cardboard Box Cart – 4li
  • Soy. Single Cartboard Box – 1li each Comes with download url for personal use
  • Soy. Six Cartboard Box – 1li each
  • Soy. The Soy Sause – 2li
  • Soy. Halloween Pumpkins – 2li each
  • Soy. Plaster Side Table – 1li each

Next up I have a complete outfit plus a few more Home Decor items that you can see in the first image up above. I also have a few more to post that I didn’t get to take pictures of due to time, plus some other information and a few freebies as well. Before I do that I want to mention that the skybox I’m using is also a subscription gift from NOTsoBAD. I found their shop thru 6° Republic which is ending today so be sure to check it out fast. If you miss the event you can use the store teleport to find the kiosk for the main group and subscription group. The skybox itself is 45 land impact and has what I think is called “baked lighting”. Some people like that in a house while some don’t. They also have a very cute group gift (free to join) from February that is a wooden tray with 2 cups of cocoa? with hearts in the foam and a couple other things on the tray.

Now getting back to the main picture itself:

The dress is from NYU and they also have a SL F&O gift (free to join) as well as a cute little shelf for 1L made exclusively for their IncrEdibles gacha but can be used for other things as well. The shoes are from Hucci and only come in the one color but you can buy the others at the store. They come in system sizes (without an alpha) and Bellezia, Maitreya, and Slink. The eyes I got from By Snow’s subscription group aren’t really eyes but more of effects for eyes. They had 2 versions, a Rave Twinkle which I am wearing in one eye and Star Sparkle which I’m not wearing but adds a cute flashy twinkle to your eyes. They also gave a holiday nail set for slink only. The store also has a bunch of free and 1L eyes along with a few other cheapies. My hair is from enVOGUE and comes with 32 color options via Hud. If that isn’t enough for you they also have a group gift (free to join) with another 32 colors. Most are the same but with or without root options but that’s still a lot of options. The broom is from Neverwish and the bracelet is from OXIDE. Both of these stores are on the same sim with some other shops. Neverwish has a couple of freebies, including the necklace and choker I’m wearing. OXIDE has subscription gifts and freebies along with vip group gifts (100L to join).

Around the worktable from Soy is also a couple of subscription gifts as well. The Round Lantern is from Alouette and it is 2 land impact. The Purple Desk Clock Lamp is from %Percent and it is 3 land Impact. Both have working lights and the Clock can keep real time or Secondlife time.





I had to do a closeup to show off these amazing nails. They are from #adored and are their subscription gift. This one does require you to be in the group for 30 days before you can get them and has 5 different options for hands and feet. They have a Maitreya and Omega applier so if you have slink or vista you’ll need the omega router. You can also see the eye sparkle better and keep in mind it’s animated.

A few bonuses and information before I call it good: TheBeautifulOnes also offers a 30 day sub gift and has a bunch of normal group gifts (25L to join).  .::Dead Dollz::. has a cute top on a hanger that you can use for decor for their sub gift. And +Half Deer+ also has a sub gift tote bag. I’m sure I am missing out on a bunch of other subscription groups but I hope this helps get you started while looking for them. Happy hunting and hopefully the next post won’t be so delayed.



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