Beachy Days and Starry Nights

I have returned with more goodies to find! I just finished the Enmeshed Into Summer and Caderu Hunts a couple days ago. I found some really nice things, spent a little more than I should have, and just had a lot of fun in general. Don’t worry, both hunts are free, I just found some things I just had to have while doing the hunts.

beachy starry

Enmeshed Into Summer Hunt

June 15th – ?

There are people that are happy summer is here…and then there’s me. Granted if I didn’t melt in the heat or be prone to get sunburns I’d probably enjoy it more haha. I did enjoy searching for the small Capri Sun packets that were hiding the hunt gifts. Enmeshed has had a few hunts before and the creators involved have always provided such well made things. I did some looking around on their website but I wasn’t able to find an end date for this one. It was also a lot shorter than the previous hunts so maybe with all the birthday events it got left out a bit. The starting point is their headquarters so maybe you’ll be able to find out when it’s over. TAXI




Caderu Hunt

June 19th – July 31st

The Caderu Hunt is by far one of my favorite hunts to do. This is my second time doing it and I can’t wait for the next round. It’s all hud based and has you doing quests. The first set of quests have you picking jobs from a board and helping out the NPCs to earn tickets. These tickets can be cashed in for a couple items or a treasure map. Or you can get all of it if you want as the quests are repeatable. The treasure map is what you need to start the final quest that will get you the prizes from the stores involved. It is all machine translated from Japanese so the translations can be a bit off but it was easy for me to understand what to do. I don’t want to go into too much detail just because it’s more fun to go and check it out yourself. I tried my hardest to get all the landmarks and information from all the stores but I was unable to find anything for mooka. Not even a store on the marketplace and the owners profile had nothing for it as well. I ended up buying a few things from Who What while I was there. They have these amazing star lights that were animated and I just couldn’t pass them up considering they were all under 100L. Their store is on the top of the sim you teleport to, I wasn’t able to get a direct teleport. There’s plenty of time to catch this hunt so make sure you don’t miss out. TAXI



  • Spirit Representation – Star Festival Frame – 6li
  • Who What – Star Rain – Purple – 1li – 80L
    • Meteor Stream – Purple – 1li – 80L
    • YozoranoKonpeitou – Mix – 4li – 50L
    • YozoranoKonpeitou – Grape – 4li – 50L



Deja Redeux

I’m finally back…kinda. The surgery went well and I’ve been focusing on recovering so I could get back to my normal routine. I would’ve been back sooner but I ended up getting Strep the day after the surgery. It made it hard to do much of anything but try to sleep but I’m doing better and should be rid of it soon. The event I’m going over today only has 2 days left but I needed to post about it because it was the very first one I covered on here. That’s right Redeux is back with its second round!


June 14th – 24th

deja redeux

Lots of great deals to be found at Redeux this round. The sim has changed a lot from the last time I was there. It’s much cleaner and there are many more stores involved but one thing hasn’t changed, every stall has provided a gift! There were quite a few gems I found although putting together and outfit was a bit harder than I thought. I ended up digging into my inventory for a freebie I had found awhile back. And it’s still available! Ducknipple has a ton of freebies upstairs along with deals under 100L.  The top I’m wearing comes with an 8 color hud and fits very well. Be careful when you shop because they are a bit mixed in together. Also note that I went for more of a non-traditional look but there was some cute dresses and even some pink candy-skull roller skates from Barely Legal. But time is running out, so here is your TAXI to Redeux and credits are all down below.



  • Redeux – Axix – Nymph 2 pose (scene)
  • Redeux – Poet’s Heart – Banshee pose (closeup)
  • Redeux – Myth – Basket Plant – 2li
  • Redeux – Kei’s -Mushroom Stools – 1li each
  • Redeux – Simply Shelby – Garden Bike Planter – 5li
  • Redeux – ChiMia – Old White Fence – 1li
  • Redeux – Dream Things – The Garden Bird Bath – 5li
  • Redeux – Peaches – Owl’s Duet – 5li
  • Redeux – Painfully Divine – Sit & Cuddle Barrel – 3li
  • Redeux – Anachron – Andon Lantern – 1li
  • Redeux – Artisan Fantasy – Shell Momento Box – 1li
  • Redeux – Moon Sha – Little Rocks – 1li each
  • Redeux – Floor Texture: Timeless Textures – Rough Stone Floor and Wall Earth
  • Wall Texure: Jubran Old Brick Few Broken 50L on Marketplace

One Chapter Ends, Another Begins

As of writing this I am 11 hours away from my surgery in the morning. I wouldn’t say I’m nervous but more anxious to just get it all said and done. It’s been a fight to get this far and I’m kinda shocked I still have all my hair haha. Knowing I would be in a bit of pain for the next couple weeks I prepared a few goodies to hopefully keep you busy and entertained until my return. Usually when I visit events and sales or go pick up freebies and group gifts I keep them all organized together so that I can make an outfit from each. This time the events and items were so great I was pulling my hair trying to make enough outfits to showcase them all. (so much for having all of my hair heh) I ended up just making 3 outfits thinking that they could make you curious enough to check out the events and hunts for the rest of the goodies.

Music = Love


June 5th – 26th

Things seem to be changing in Secondlife as well as they are celebrating their 14th birthday. Congrats! There will be all sorts of events going on, the first one being a shopping event spanning across 3 sims. I spent about half a day trying to get in but once I did I saw so many great items from creators and each of them had provided a gift for the event so it was all worth the trouble. And Exxess gift was beyond amazing. The headphones come with a hud to change just about any part to a multitude of color choices. Huge thank you to them for such a nice gift. Now that its been a couple of days it may be easier to get in to look around…I hope. This runs until the 26th so you have plenty of time to attempt it. On June 18th – 25th there’s another event with the theme of Carnivalesque. I’ve been keeping an eye on this one for awhile and I can’t wait to get a chance to peek at all the creations and the sim.

SL14B Shopping Sims:


Display 1:

  • SL14B – Fashiowl – Surf Van 62li
    • Be Mine Balloons 4li
  • WoH3 – Ariskea – Malibu Neon Sign 4li
  • SL14B – E.V.E – The Birds Grass – 1li
  • SL14B – Chez Moi – Tropical Float 1li
  • SL14B – Anxiety – They’re Insane 6li
  • WoH3 – Mulloy – Mingo 2li
  • SL14B – ChiMia – Happy Birthday Poster 1li
  • SL14B – Lemon Chilliz – Wheeled Table – 7li
  • Ishara Shop – Beach House 11li – Gift @ Fashion Dazzle until June 26th
  • SL14B – Candles & Cauldron – Selene’s Beads 4li
  • SL14B – FoxCity – Front Cover Pose

Women’s Only Hunt 3 (WoH3)

June 3rd – 24th

The WoH3 has returned for its 3rd installment. If you’re like me you’re kinda wondering why there needs to be a hunt like this when most are 90% women’s stuff anyway. But it’s a free fun hunt with a lot of great creators so I’m not going to say any more than that. I used a bit of what I found in all three pictures so just check the credits for a few sneak peeks.

Silk Road Hunt

June 1st – 30th

Silk Tiger

Silk Road is back again with another  free hunt. This time the theme is Byzantium and you can read all about it on their website, along with all the pictures and store hints. I will admit this is usually one I skip out on just because a lot of things aren’t really my style, but I did find some amazing gems this time around so I’m glad I checked it out. The outfit I’m wearing above comes with the dress, hair, elephant earrings, and necklace, shoes, and a holdable panther named Baghera (like in the jungle book). The panther’s eyes even blink! Even the camel in the background is re-sizable and can have custom signs. And the map from Eclectic Stars is very well made.

Outfit 1:


WoH3 – Posesion Pose 1
Silk Road Hunt – Eclectic Stars – Maptastic 1li
Silk Road Hunt – Neon Deer – Silk Road Spice Shelf 1li
Silk Road Hunt – Caramba – Wall Mosaic 1li
Silk Road Hunt – Chameau – Camel with sign 5li (shrunk to 2li in pic)
Silk Road Hunt – Khargo – Barrel Planter 7li
Silk Road Hunt – Imagine Flowers and Garden – Horse Wallhangings 6li each
Silk Road Hunt – Roawenwood – Spice Merchant Baskets – 1li each

Deals With Demons

This amazing set was also mostly from the Silk Road Hunt and I just adore this screen from Park Place. The way the light reflects off it is just…ugh so great. The skin I got from Lure is one of the best detailed grey-toned skins I’ve seen. I will definitely be using it a lot. I did include a few old group gifts and there was one item I can’t remember where I got it from. The hand necklace I’m wearing is from E-Clipse but I’m unsure if it was from an event or a past group gift. I didn’t see it in their store anywhere and I got it back in May so it’s probably not available anymore. If anyone knows or recognizes it feel free to let me know so I can fix the credits. And speaking of which, all that’s left is the credits so I will finish that up and get back to preparing for tomorrow. Hopefully I won’t be gone too long and I can set up some more fun shots for you guys to see. Until then 🙂



  • Silk Road Hunt – Moooie Byz – Chapter 4 Rug 1li
  • Silk Road Hunt – Casa de Bebe – Chinese Plant Stand 2li
  • Silk Road Hunt – Park Place – Fern on Stand 3li
    • Empire Floor Screen 5li
    • The Empire Bench 5li
  • Silk Road Hunt – Cake Fox – Decor Plant Stand 2li
  • Silk Road Hunt – E-Mesh – Chinese Dresser 6li
  • Silk Road Hunt – Papilio – Stone Arches 14li (18li with benches)


Spark of Life

I apologize for the very delayed post. There was something I was working on…but life decided to throw a wrench into my plans. The power supply in my computer decided it was time to spark and fizzle out as I was running around putting together my idea. So I went off the grid for 2 weeks until a new one was delivered.  Now I am back with some more events, hunts, sales, and a much better power supply! Let’s jump right in shall we?

Twisted Mini Hunt Fairytales

June 1st – 30th

twisted outfit

For those of you that have been around Secondlife for awhile, you may have heard of the Twisted Hunt. And for those that don’t, well you’re in for a treat or maybe a trick. The Twisted Hunts are known for being one of the most annoying, confusing, and down right hair-pulling madness. There are no hints, only cubes…lots and lots of cubes…*starts having flashbacks* Where was I? Oh right, the hunt. For this round, they have prepared a mini hunt of around 30 gifts (a couple creators made 2 gifts!) and all you need to do is find the cubes with the prizes in them. Beware there will be decoys that are empty and some are hidden in the top section of the castle as well as the shops. That all being said it’s free and a great way to get accustomed to how their hunts work. You can also find a few gifts in the vendor stalls as well. For the brave willing to try, I wish you luck, and here is your taxi: Twisted Fairytales

Image Credits:

  • Necklace :::Sn@tch – Fantasia Jeweled Choker Diamond
  • Tattoo :::Sn@tch – Sacre Coeur Tattoo (giftbox in stall, standard and appliers)
  • Outfit ::b-UniQ:: – Ice Queen Outfit
  • Eyes Poetic Colors – Rain Tree (Right) Clear Pond (Left) ((Past Subscriber Gifts))
  • Nails Inevitable Madness – Twisted Nail Set 2
  • Skin 7 Deadly s{k}ins – Amara in Apricot (old mm gift)
  • Maitreya Lara Body

Apply your Body: Kinkify Hunt

June 1st – 30th

Ok, most people are probably going to skip this one just because of the name, but you may miss out on some hidden gems. There was some nice omega appliers along with multi-appliers and the clothes were made to fit standard and mesh bodies. You can find all the information along with hints and locations here. Or you can hop to the first stop and look for your first pair of handcuffs here. This is a free hunt with 22 stops and I really love the shoes I got from it, even if they are complete ankle breakers.  For a couple of these photos, you’ll see I’m wearing Magika hair. They are currently having a 50% off sale till June 12th and I just had to splurge a bit with these beauties. That sale includes new releases and they have all sorts of styles. Make sure to take a peek, even if you just try out some demos.

kink hunt


Lesfest 2017 and The Arcade Events

Lesfest scene

The last few things I have for you tonight are a couple events. One is very well-known, the other is new to me. The Arcade is a well-known gacha event. This round is running till the end of the month and has some very neat things. I ended up playing Half-Deer‘s gachas a couple times (ugh why must they always have adorable critters!) Almost all of them have a bonus reward after 25 pulls that is exclusive to this event only! It did take me a few tries to even get into the event so be patient when attempting to check it out. You can always check the gacha key’s at their website as well. (just click “The Arcade” to get there) And of course your TAXI.

The LesFest event is one I have not heard of before. I’m not sure if its new or not but they have a small building with shopping and gifts as well as live music and other things. I picked up quite a few cute gifts and had fun exploring the interesting sim. The dress I’m wearing is from Miss Chelsea and I really like how well her clothes fit the Maitreya body. One of the gifts was a cute tied tank from [Cynful] that also fit like a glove and had 3 texture choices along with many more color options for the seams and knot. And as always I put together an outfit to showcase more of the gifts. Again, totally in love with the hair I got from Magika so be prepared to see more of it haha. Swing by and check it out because I don’t know when it ends. There’s even a barber set for guys, Facade has a neat pride tattoo that has appliers, and even the Snapback from Ha’ani Collection Hats can be unisex. Yay guy stuff! TAXI

lesfest outfit


  • -Pose-by-Us- Let’s have a ride bike 25li (above Loud Rebel Designs)
  • Baby Creations – Rainbow Stitches Gummy Bear 1li
  • i.mesh – Barber Shaving Set 6li
  • Venue – Pride Pod Lounger v1 5li (2 versions)
  • Simply Designs – White Chocolate Fae Cupcake dozen 44li
    • Dark Choclate Fae Cupcakes 44li
  • .::Aftershok::. – Twisted FT Plush 15li
  • Dreamscapes Decor – *Magic* Tapestry 2li
  • L2L: Little But Fierce Butterflies 1li (From Unknown Hunt)
  • Puke Rainbows – Horizontal Twinkling Glitter Lights 4li (1L1HR expired)
  • [Bad Unicorn] – B.A.D. Backdrop 6li (Free to join group has other gifts as well)


And that wraps up this post, thanks for reading. I will hopefully be back again soon after I finish the Women’s Only Hunt and check out the SL14B Shopping event. Just a side-note here: I will be having an outpatient surgery on the 13th so there may or may not be any posts around then till I can heal up and be back on my feet.

Sharing a Touch of Magic

Motivation…motivation…where did it disappear to now? That pretty much sums up the last couple of weeks for me. There’s been so much going on outside the virtual world that I haven’t had time to get this post rolling. On the plus side I did manage to get a Maitreya body so a whole new world of fashion has opened up for me. Next up is either Catwa’s Catya head or Lelutka’s Kioko head but I have a long way to go. Anyways on to the post!

As most Secondlife residents know, you can only join 42 groups at one time (60 if you are premium) It may seem like a lot but they fill up pretty fast and I know I’ve struggled with what ones to keep and what ones to trade out. I always feel bad for leaving the ones I do as well. So I thought I’d share another way to stay current with groups and get some decent stuff as well. I’m talking about groups that have an update group or subscription kiosk. These allow you to join groups and receive notices and group gifts (if offered) all while not taking up a group slot and having no limit to how many you can join. Not every store has a subscription option but it’s something to look for if your group slots are full. I did a big search around and found some groups to get you started.


soy sub gifts

Soy is first on the list because of just how much they offer. This store is mainly a Home Decor but they have a bit of apparel and houses as well. Everything you see in the picture above (minus the skybox) were all subscription gifts! They have some very nice stuff so be sure to look around after you grab these.

Soy Mainstore:

  • Soy. Wooden Fence – 1li
  • Soy. Notice Board – 3li
  • Soy. Post Box – 2li
  • Soy. Worktable – 2li
  • Soy. Pine Branch – 3li
  • Soy. Folden Tees White and Black – 1li each
  • Soy. Scattered Papers – 1li
  • Soy. Wall Art [Sea Echo] – 2li
  • Soy. Cardboard Box Cart – 4li
  • Soy. Single Cartboard Box – 1li each Comes with download url for personal use
  • Soy. Six Cartboard Box – 1li each
  • Soy. The Soy Sause – 2li
  • Soy. Halloween Pumpkins – 2li each
  • Soy. Plaster Side Table – 1li each

Next up I have a complete outfit plus a few more Home Decor items that you can see in the first image up above. I also have a few more to post that I didn’t get to take pictures of due to time, plus some other information and a few freebies as well. Before I do that I want to mention that the skybox I’m using is also a subscription gift from NOTsoBAD. I found their shop thru 6° Republic which is ending today so be sure to check it out fast. If you miss the event you can use the store teleport to find the kiosk for the main group and subscription group. The skybox itself is 45 land impact and has what I think is called “baked lighting”. Some people like that in a house while some don’t. They also have a very cute group gift (free to join) from February that is a wooden tray with 2 cups of cocoa? with hearts in the foam and a couple other things on the tray.

Now getting back to the main picture itself:

The dress is from NYU and they also have a SL F&O gift (free to join) as well as a cute little shelf for 1L made exclusively for their IncrEdibles gacha but can be used for other things as well. The shoes are from Hucci and only come in the one color but you can buy the others at the store. They come in system sizes (without an alpha) and Bellezia, Maitreya, and Slink. The eyes I got from By Snow’s subscription group aren’t really eyes but more of effects for eyes. They had 2 versions, a Rave Twinkle which I am wearing in one eye and Star Sparkle which I’m not wearing but adds a cute flashy twinkle to your eyes. They also gave a holiday nail set for slink only. The store also has a bunch of free and 1L eyes along with a few other cheapies. My hair is from enVOGUE and comes with 32 color options via Hud. If that isn’t enough for you they also have a group gift (free to join) with another 32 colors. Most are the same but with or without root options but that’s still a lot of options. The broom is from Neverwish and the bracelet is from OXIDE. Both of these stores are on the same sim with some other shops. Neverwish has a couple of freebies, including the necklace and choker I’m wearing. OXIDE has subscription gifts and freebies along with vip group gifts (100L to join).

Around the worktable from Soy is also a couple of subscription gifts as well. The Round Lantern is from Alouette and it is 2 land impact. The Purple Desk Clock Lamp is from %Percent and it is 3 land Impact. Both have working lights and the Clock can keep real time or Secondlife time.





I had to do a closeup to show off these amazing nails. They are from #adored and are their subscription gift. This one does require you to be in the group for 30 days before you can get them and has 5 different options for hands and feet. They have a Maitreya and Omega applier so if you have slink or vista you’ll need the omega router. You can also see the eye sparkle better and keep in mind it’s animated.

A few bonuses and information before I call it good: TheBeautifulOnes also offers a 30 day sub gift and has a bunch of normal group gifts (25L to join).  .::Dead Dollz::. has a cute top on a hanger that you can use for decor for their sub gift. And +Half Deer+ also has a sub gift tote bag. I’m sure I am missing out on a bunch of other subscription groups but I hope this helps get you started while looking for them. Happy hunting and hopefully the next post won’t be so delayed.


Earning Lindens Part 2: Traffic Games

I’m back again with another hopefully helping hand. I’ve had the idea for this post for quite awhile, it just took me a bit to put it all together. For this series I’m going to be focusing what they call Traffic Games. Basically these style of games are used to get people to spend time on your land and shop to get more attention for said land/shop. Now you aren’t suppose to have people afk on your land just to give it more attention but these games are designed to keep you from going afk. There’s timers and prompts and other tools they use to keep you moving and interacting.

Before I dive right in with the first one I want to put in a disclaimer. None of these are a “Get rich quick” game. They take a bit of time but its better than nothing. If any of these options feel off to you, don’t do them, plain and simple. I am not the creator nor the manager of any of these. While there will be a couple more choices toward the end, I will only be highlighting the ones I’ve personally used successfully. All of these are free to try unless otherwise specified so be sure to pay attention to that. Now that we got that out of the way let’s begin.

Collecting Games

Gold Hunt

Gold Hunt Game

First up is Gold Hunt provided by They have a few games available but the only ones I’ve ever tried were this and their fishing game Fish Hunt, which I will mention later. The object of Gold Hunt is to find the coins pictured above, click them, then wait out the timer for a prompt to pop up. Answer it correctly within a certain amount of time and the linden is yours. Each coin has a different amount of time before you can claim it, the higher the value the longer it takes of course. Make note that all but the gold coin are partial lindens so you need to collect 2 silver, 4 copper, 10 tin? to equal 1 linden and so on. You can get the hud either on the marketplace HERE or at the headquarters HERE. Both locations offer it for free. The headquarters is also where the atm is located for cashing out your points. You need to have a total of 1 linden minimum to cash out so any partial points will be left behind till you pick up more coins. Note you don’t actually need the hud for the coins, you can use the website above for locations.

Treasure Quest

Treasure Quest Game

Treasure Quest is a lot like Gold Hunt but then again the collecting games are usually the same basic game with different things to collect. In this one you can find the coins pictured above along with gems and mystery items. The prompt for this one asks you to type the answer so make sure to read it and answer it correctly or you’ll have to click the coin and wait again. I’m not really sure when this one showed up, I’ve only been using it for a couple months. The only way to get the free hud is to visit the headquarters HERE. The payout station also being located there. As with the gold hunt, you don’t need the hud for the coins as the website shows the location.

Gold Rush

Gold Rush Game

Last of the collecting games will be Gold Rush. I’ve used this one for quite awhile and I liked the fact that the 1 linden bars are an automatic payout. This one is a bit different because I could not find a website so to find the bar locations you need the hud available for free HERE. You can also cash out straight from the hud which makes it much easier and compact than having to visit a HQ every time to get your linden.


Lindo Game

For this one I wanted to give it it’s own section to talk about it in full. It’s fairly new from what I know but it is one of my favorite ones to use. You can read up and find locations HERE and get the free hud HERE. Lindo is a flower growing game. The hud comes with one seed to grow but you will need to buy more seeds after that. I know doesn’t sound all that great but let me continue. This one only requires you to visit a location with the lindo terminal and water the flower by clicking on the watering can. No running around, no watching for timers, just click and sit.

You can see on the hud (expanded view by clicking the menu or stat buttons) you have your earned linden, experience level, seed count, thirst level, and progress bar. The Thirst level is the main thing you need to keep an eye on, once it reaches 100% the flower will stop growing and you will stop earning linden. Simply click on the watering can to reset the thirst to 0% and start earning again. Once a flower is fully grown you will get a prompt when you click on the watering can. Answer the prompt and a new seed will start growing (if you have another one already). If you don’t have any more seeds all you have to do is click the seed vendor, pick the seed you want, and right click the vendor and pay. The first price is for singles the others are for multiples I believe but don’t quote me on that. (I only buy one at a time). A normal seed costs 2L, a silver costs 4L, and a gold seed costs 6L. Each level provides a bit faster growth and gain with gold being the best. A normal seed in itself has given me around 10-12L before its fully grown so the seed is well paid for after it is bought. This is also an instant payout from the hud so no extra traveling is needed to get your linden. There are also events with this that add multipliers. So instead of the 1x you can have 2x-10x the progress. These events are run by the land/shop owners so if you attend any make sure to be nice. They don’t have to do these events afterall.


vault game

I won’t really have much to say about vaults because I personally don’t like them. I wanted to mention them because they do payout but they can be a bit of a pain. You can get the hud for free HERE and try it for yourself. The hud only offers random locations and some may end up repeating but this is one that will make you do a lot of traveling to get anything done. The website to find all the locations is HERE and they also have a bird hunt. (tried it but it wasn’t my kinda of game) About the vaults: They are run on timers, some only have 5min while others can go much higher. They are like lucky chairs and boards in the aspect of you having to wait till your letter is showing above the vault to click it. They are instant payouts, 1x gives you 1L, 5x gives you 5L, etc. They have prompts and cooldown timers. If you miss the prompt you miss your opportunity completely and have to wait for your letter to show back up. All in all these are more fit for someone who doesn’t want to sit still.

Fishing Games

Fishing games can be pretty fun but repetitive at the same time. The main objective of the two I will mention are simple to teleport to an active buoy and either click on the buoy or the pole to get started (depends on the pole). After the pole’s startup is finished you click the pole and it casts out, showing a number above the poles tip. When that number counts all the way down it reels in and you get partial linden and exp. Both of these offer free poles BUT they also have other poles that give shorter cooldowns and more payout per cast. There are also worms that can be purchased to help speed the process and you can even grow your own as part of Farm Frenzy. Keep in mind those options are NOT free and only look into them if you decide the fishing is right for you. As with the lindo game the land owners will offer multiplier events to help you earn more as well.

Fish Hunt

Fish Hunt Game

Fish Hunt is run by the same people that run Gold Hunt and the payout atm is the same for both. You can get your free starter rod HERE or do a bit of searching yourself as they add all the basic colors for free rods. Remember to look before purchasing as not all the rods are free. You can also get a fish location hud HERE if you don’t feel like looking at the website for the locations. This is probably one of the first linden games I’ve played and while it feels slow it’s not that bad once you get used to how it works. Also the basic stuff is free so it’s only costing a bit of your time to earn something. Can’t really complain about that.

Magic Fishing

Magic Fishing Game

Magic Fishing and Fish Hunt could very well be brother games considering how similar they are. The only difference I have seen so far is that Fish Hunt offers more color options for a starting pole and has a TON of other pole selections. The free rod for this one is available HERE and the website for more information is HERE.


These are not going to be for everyone. Getting a hud for free off the market is one thing but using another site or having to pay to start playing is going to feel weird. I’m simply mentioning these because the one I’ve used for years with great success and the other I’ve seen a lot of people using.


PED Site

Entropia Partners is scary for first time users. There’s quite a number of sites out there that offer you money in exchange for things. This one however is created for Eve Online players as well as secondlife members. It is your basic “do tasks, watch vids, get paid” site. You can try your hand at the micro tasks, some are just watching videos, others are surveys, etc. There’s also the option I tend to use the most which is stream their radio station. With it you can earn .25L every 12 – 18mins. Seems like a long time to earn but considering you can have it going in the background while you are doing other things, even sleeping, I find it a great option. If you’re not shy of the forums like I am you can post proof of payment when you get your first few linden and gain bonuses as well. Now another scary thing to mention. This one does need to know your in game name to pay you because it is sent to you while in game when you cash out. If this bothers some of you, like I said in my disclaimer, don’t do it. I’ve used this since 2013 and it’s worked for me so I wanted to pass it along that’s all. For those wanting to give it a try here is the WEBSITE.

7 Seas Fishing

7Seas Game

The last one I wanted to talk about is not free as you can see by the picture above but it can pay itself off in time. I don’t have much information on it as I haven’t tried it but I will eventually. Their website is HERE if you want to read for yourself and find locations. This one is different from the other fishing games listed above in more ways than one. For the first major difference you actually catch fish that you can sit on your shoulder as pets or put into aquariums and watch swim around. They are also sell-able although I haven’t seen too many people doing it. The second major difference is that the lands with this can offer custom prizes. The stores that have caught my attention is Sn@tch and Curious Kitties with their own custom outfits you can reel in or trade fish in for. Each reel does different things as well: Demo only offering 5 casts to test it out, Casual needing no bait ever but only catching certain fish, or the Pro which can do it all but requires bait.

Again I’ve only mentioned ones that I’ve used minus 7seas. There are plenty of options available like Linden Realms, Bloodlines, Bird Hunt, Crystal Hunt, etc. My best advice is just do some research and if you don’t like it move on to something else. I hope you found some useful information in this and I will be back again with something new once I have it all set up and ready to go.

Delayed Spring Cleaning

Part two has arrived! I was originally going to focus on the three hunts I looked into for this post. But while cleaning and organizing, I stumbled into a few other events so why not share them as well. As always I try to provide as much information as I can and if you want to see/know more feel free to ask.

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Unknown Hunt 2017

First up we have the Unknown Hunt. It is a free hunt that started on the 1st and will wrap up around the 21st. You are looking for a small brown package as shown on the site. The thing I find neat about this hunt is that it’s only for recently open and rebranded stores. So all shops in this hunt opened their doors anytime from 2016 – recent. Not only do you get some nice gifts but you get to explore these new creators and hopefully find some new favorites. I know I picked up a few favorites along the way and can’t wait to see the things they create.


The pictures I chose to take have a little bit of everything in them but the credits will sort them out. Also I forgot to mention I link the names of the stores to their shop landmarks, not to the hunt object or event locations. This is to give them credit and thanks for taking the time to give us gifts and sales. Hunts are linked to their website or the starting location if I can’t find a website for it. I’m still figuring out just how I want to label things so it may change in the future.





Piece by Piece Hunt

The Piece by Piece Hunt is a “mini” hunt provided by the people who manage the Peace on Earth Hunts. I’ve done a couple of them in the past so I was curious to check out this one as well. It started on May 1st and will run till the end of the month. While the Peace on Earth Hunts are usually free this one is 1L each. The website has prize previews and a hint list, although you can also go to any stop on the list and click the sign for a notecard with all the locations. For those wanting to just dive right in here is your first STOP

Moolto’s Spring Fling Hunt

The last of the three but no less important is Moolto’s Spring Fling Hunt. It started on the first and will wrap up around June 1st. I got a group notice about this one and was very intrigued by how it was set up. To start this hunt you need to do a few things: First, you need to join the group in world <–group name. Make sure you keep the group activated. Second, you need to go to the first stop and click the sign to get a magical pair of glasses. These glasses need to be worn in order to collect your gift. Lastly, you just need to search out the butterfly and click on it. The hunt itself is free but the group usually has a fee, it’s currently free to join now so get in on the hunt while you can. Another side note that I picked up from my research is the outfits on the hunt posters are obtainable in the hunt as well. Guys that means you get an outfit too! The hint list is at the bottom of the website page linked above and it seems more stores are being added here and there so keep an eye out. Also be prepared to search up store names. A few of the locations either didn’t work or sent me to the wrong location. (the black rose stop sent me to a sorority house…how embarrassing). Those wanting to just start the hunt, here is your TAXI

There are a few more hunts out there so be on the lookout, I know Cupcakes Anonymous is having their last hunt for 5L each with some very cute prizes. Before I sign off here I want to also share a couple events I checked out. First one is the We ❤ RolePlay Fair. Lots of great items to be found along with some gifts catering to more of the fantasy theme.  The second is the May round of Vintage Gacha. I couldn’t find a website for this but the link will take you to the Fair. A lot of the gachas are 50% off the orignal prices and I found myself spending a bit at Kei Spot’s Kei’s Incantations machine. The set has 10 commons, 5 rares, and 1 ultra rare, all pictured below. As for now I’m wrapping it up, I will be back with another half of Earning Lindens along with another maybe mini-series, depending on how it goes.

Kei's Incantations Gacha