Deja Redeux

I’m finally back…kinda. The surgery went well and I’ve been focusing on recovering so I could get back to my normal routine. I would’ve been back sooner but I ended up getting Strep the day after the surgery. It made it hard to do much of anything but try to sleep but I’m doing better and should be rid of it soon. The event I’m going over today only has 2 days left but I needed to post about it because it was the very first one I covered on here. That’s right Redeux is back with its second round!


June 14th – 24th

deja redeux

Lots of great deals to be found at Redeux this round. The sim has changed a lot from the last time I was there. It’s much cleaner and there are many more stores involved but one thing hasn’t changed, every stall has provided a gift! There were quite a few gems I found although putting together and outfit was a bit harder than I thought. I ended up digging into my inventory for a freebie I had found awhile back. And it’s still available! Ducknipple has a ton of freebies upstairs along with deals under 100L.  The top I’m wearing comes with an 8 color hud and fits very well. Be careful when you shop because they are a bit mixed in together. Also note that I went for more of a non-traditional look but there was some cute dresses and even some pink candy-skull roller skates from Barely Legal. But time is running out, so here is your TAXI to Redeux and credits are all down below.



  • Redeux – Axix – Nymph 2 pose (scene)
  • Redeux – Poet’s Heart – Banshee pose (closeup)
  • Redeux – Myth – Basket Plant – 2li
  • Redeux – Kei’s -Mushroom Stools – 1li each
  • Redeux – Simply Shelby – Garden Bike Planter – 5li
  • Redeux – ChiMia – Old White Fence – 1li
  • Redeux – Dream Things – The Garden Bird Bath – 5li
  • Redeux – Peaches – Owl’s Duet – 5li
  • Redeux – Painfully Divine – Sit & Cuddle Barrel – 3li
  • Redeux – Anachron – Andon Lantern – 1li
  • Redeux – Artisan Fantasy – Shell Momento Box – 1li
  • Redeux – Moon Sha – Little Rocks – 1li each
  • Redeux – Floor Texture: Timeless Textures – Rough Stone Floor and Wall Earth
  • Wall Texure: Jubran Old Brick Few Broken 50L on Marketplace