Spark of Life

I apologize for the very delayed post. There was something I was working on…but life decided to throw a wrench into my plans. The power supply in my computer decided it was time to spark and fizzle out as I was running around putting together my idea. So I went off the grid for 2 weeks until a new one was delivered.  Now I am back with some more events, hunts, sales, and a much better power supply! Let’s jump right in shall we?

Twisted Mini Hunt Fairytales

June 1st – 30th

twisted outfit

For those of you that have been around Secondlife for awhile, you may have heard of the Twisted Hunt. And for those that don’t, well you’re in for a treat or maybe a trick. The Twisted Hunts are known for being one of the most annoying, confusing, and down right hair-pulling madness. There are no hints, only cubes…lots and lots of cubes…*starts having flashbacks* Where was I? Oh right, the hunt. For this round, they have prepared a mini hunt of around 30 gifts (a couple creators made 2 gifts!) and all you need to do is find the cubes with the prizes in them. Beware there will be decoys that are empty and some are hidden in the top section of the castle as well as the shops. That all being said it’s free and a great way to get accustomed to how their hunts work. You can also find a few gifts in the vendor stalls as well. For the brave willing to try, I wish you luck, and here is your taxi: Twisted Fairytales

Image Credits:

  • Necklace :::Sn@tch – Fantasia Jeweled Choker Diamond
  • Tattoo :::Sn@tch – Sacre Coeur Tattoo (giftbox in stall, standard and appliers)
  • Outfit ::b-UniQ:: – Ice Queen Outfit
  • Eyes Poetic Colors – Rain Tree (Right) Clear Pond (Left) ((Past Subscriber Gifts))
  • Nails Inevitable Madness – Twisted Nail Set 2
  • Skin 7 Deadly s{k}ins – Amara in Apricot (old mm gift)
  • Maitreya Lara Body

Apply your Body: Kinkify Hunt

June 1st – 30th

Ok, most people are probably going to skip this one just because of the name, but you may miss out on some hidden gems. There was some nice omega appliers along with multi-appliers and the clothes were made to fit standard and mesh bodies. You can find all the information along with hints and locations here. Or you can hop to the first stop and look for your first pair of handcuffs here. This is a free hunt with 22 stops and I really love the shoes I got from it, even if they are complete ankle breakers.  For a couple of these photos, you’ll see I’m wearing Magika hair. They are currently having a 50% off sale till June 12th and I just had to splurge a bit with these beauties. That sale includes new releases and they have all sorts of styles. Make sure to take a peek, even if you just try out some demos.

kink hunt


Lesfest 2017 and The Arcade Events

Lesfest scene

The last few things I have for you tonight are a couple events. One is very well-known, the other is new to me. The Arcade is a well-known gacha event. This round is running till the end of the month and has some very neat things. I ended up playing Half-Deer‘s gachas a couple times (ugh why must they always have adorable critters!) Almost all of them have a bonus reward after 25 pulls that is exclusive to this event only! It did take me a few tries to even get into the event so be patient when attempting to check it out. You can always check the gacha key’s at their website as well. (just click “The Arcade” to get there) And of course your TAXI.

The LesFest event is one I have not heard of before. I’m not sure if its new or not but they have a small building with shopping and gifts as well as live music and other things. I picked up quite a few cute gifts and had fun exploring the interesting sim. The dress I’m wearing is from Miss Chelsea and I really like how well her clothes fit the Maitreya body. One of the gifts was a cute tied tank from [Cynful] that also fit like a glove and had 3 texture choices along with many more color options for the seams and knot. And as always I put together an outfit to showcase more of the gifts. Again, totally in love with the hair I got from Magika so be prepared to see more of it haha. Swing by and check it out because I don’t know when it ends. There’s even a barber set for guys, Facade has a neat pride tattoo that has appliers, and even the Snapback from Ha’ani Collection Hats can be unisex. Yay guy stuff! TAXI

lesfest outfit


  • -Pose-by-Us- Let’s have a ride bike 25li (above Loud Rebel Designs)
  • Baby Creations – Rainbow Stitches Gummy Bear 1li
  • i.mesh – Barber Shaving Set 6li
  • Venue – Pride Pod Lounger v1 5li (2 versions)
  • Simply Designs – White Chocolate Fae Cupcake dozen 44li
    • Dark Choclate Fae Cupcakes 44li
  • .::Aftershok::. – Twisted FT Plush 15li
  • Dreamscapes Decor – *Magic* Tapestry 2li
  • L2L: Little But Fierce Butterflies 1li (From Unknown Hunt)
  • Puke Rainbows – Horizontal Twinkling Glitter Lights 4li (1L1HR expired)
  • [Bad Unicorn] – B.A.D. Backdrop 6li (Free to join group has other gifts as well)


And that wraps up this post, thanks for reading. I will hopefully be back again soon after I finish the Women’s Only Hunt and check out the SL14B Shopping event. Just a side-note here: I will be having an outpatient surgery on the 13th so there may or may not be any posts around then till I can heal up and be back on my feet.