Beachy Days and Starry Nights

I have returned with more goodies to find! I just finished the Enmeshed Into Summer and Caderu Hunts a couple days ago. I found some really nice things, spent a little more than I should have, and just had a lot of fun in general. Don’t worry, both hunts are free, I just found some things I just had to have while doing the hunts.

beachy starry

Enmeshed Into Summer Hunt

June 15th – ?

There are people that are happy summer is here…and then there’s me. Granted if I didn’t melt in the heat or be prone to get sunburns I’d probably enjoy it more haha. I did enjoy searching for the small Capri Sun packets that were hiding the hunt gifts. Enmeshed has had a few hunts before and the creators involved have always provided such well made things. I did some looking around on their website but I wasn’t able to find an end date for this one. It was also a lot shorter than the previous hunts so maybe with all the birthday events it got left out a bit. The starting point is their headquarters so maybe you’ll be able to find out when it’s over. TAXI




Caderu Hunt

June 19th – July 31st

The Caderu Hunt is by far one of my favorite hunts to do. This is my second time doing it and I can’t wait for the next round. It’s all hud based and has you doing quests. The first set of quests have you picking jobs from a board and helping out the NPCs to earn tickets. These tickets can be cashed in for a couple items or a treasure map. Or you can get all of it if you want as the quests are repeatable. The treasure map is what you need to start the final quest that will get you the prizes from the stores involved. It is all machine translated from Japanese so the translations can be a bit off but it was easy for me to understand what to do. I don’t want to go into too much detail just because it’s more fun to go and check it out yourself. I tried my hardest to get all the landmarks and information from all the stores but I was unable to find anything for mooka. Not even a store on the marketplace and the owners profile had nothing for it as well. I ended up buying a few things from Who What while I was there. They have these amazing star lights that were animated and I just couldn’t pass them up considering they were all under 100L. Their store is on the top of the sim you teleport to, I wasn’t able to get a direct teleport. There’s plenty of time to catch this hunt so make sure you don’t miss out. TAXI



  • Spirit Representation – Star Festival Frame – 6li
  • Who What – Star Rain – Purple – 1li – 80L
    • Meteor Stream – Purple – 1li – 80L
    • YozoranoKonpeitou – Mix – 4li – 50L
    • YozoranoKonpeitou – Grape – 4li – 50L